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How to Get Involved?

  • All requests for service must go through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) at 1-855-437-6797.

Who can participate?

  • Adults with a developmental disability who are experiencing transition and/or exiting secondary school system.
  • Adults requiring supports and a plan to meet personal goals.
  • Individuals and families who are willing to play an active role in the transition process.   
  • Individuals residing in Huron County.

How will Foundations work?

  • “Person-Directed Planning” and goal setting.
  • Community Collaboration and Partnership.
  • Implementation of time-limited goal-oriented supports.
  • Development of a personalized “Exit Plan”.

Community components may include:

  • Further education and personal development.
  • Self-advocacy and leadership training.
  • Volunteer opportunities in community settings.
  • Social involvement in community leisure and recreation services.
  • Opportunities to develop life skills that utilize the communities’ infrastructure.

The benefits of participating in Foundations are:

  • Setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Increasing employment, volunteer and social opportunities.
  • Becoming an involved member of your community.
  • Strengthening ties, and meeting new friends.
  • Having input and support from your family.
  • Choosing your future!

Foundations Huron is a partnering project sponsored by the following organizations:

  • Community Living-Central Huron
  • Community Living South Huron
  • Community Living Wingham & District

Suggestions of sample invoices used by families:

Sample Invoice 1 

Sample Invoice 2   

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Support Model

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VOICES 2.0 is a self-advocacy training designed to provide individuals with a developmental disability the tools and confidence to speak up for themselves and recognize their rights.

VOICES 2.0 supports people to feel confident in directing their lives and being active members in their communities.

VOICES 2.0 workshops run for six sessions - 2 hours in length with different topics each week.  Materials and interactive activities are geared towards the learning strengths of the group to provide a creative, supportive and confidential environment.

Voices 2.0 Topics

  • Respect/Trust
  • Communication/Personal Rights
  • Friendship/Empathy
  • Building Relationships
  • Teamwork/Diversity
  • Expressions of Emotions

View Our Voices 2.0 and Tough Talk Information Sheet

Tough Talk

Tough Talk workshops tackle topics that may be diffcult to discuss or understand.  The participants learn and expand on their current knowledge of various topics of interest - Taking Care of Ourselves, Internet Safety, healthy Sexuality, Dating, Legal System.  Workshops are 4 hours in length.

Passport Administration Services (PAS)

Recipients of Ministry Passport funding can choose to either self-direct their funds or pay an agency of their choice an administration fee to assist them in managing their individualized funding.

Passport Administration Services (PAS) asssists people who have Ministry Passport Funding to administrer and manage their individualized funds. When an individual chooses PAS they are assisted to create a person-directed plan for community participations.

Why Choose Us?

When an individual chooses PAS a 10% administration fee will be charged to receive the following services:

  • Discussion about the changes to the Passport Guidelines (e.g. admissible vs. inadmissible expenses),
  • Assistance in creating a person-directed community participation plan and updating the plan if your goals have changed,
  • Discussion about purchasing services from other Communiy Living-Central Huron programs if desired (e.g. Respite),
  • Assistance in recruiting, screening and makeing connections with self-employed contract workers,
  • Assistance in drafting an agreement between yourself and you contract worker(s),
  • Providing reimbursement to your contract worker(s) monthly on your behalf and invoiceing CSCN to offset costs,
  • Acting as a resource to various questions that may arise,
  • Processing requests for reimbursement and/or processing invoices for eligible expenses based on your plan (e.g. admissions, memberships),
  • Monitoring your dollars to ensure spending is in line with your plan,
  • Assistance in reviewing plans as needed,
  • Providing quarterly reports to you.

Passport Administrative Services - "Opening Doors"

267 Suncoast Drive East, PO Box 527, Goderich, ON N7A 4C7


Passport Guidelines - October 2014

Passport Tip Sheet - October 2014

Voices Workshop

Marg Cressman challenges our minds and memories while attending the Voices Workshop. Voices is workshop that provides education and skill building in the areas of advocacy, relationships and respect. 

Safety for Independent Living

Facilitator Karenda Carpenter educates the group on Community, home and personal safety at our Safety for Independent Living Workshop.

Participant Gathering

This years Participant Gathering had a theme of friendships and relationships.  We were able to learn the meaning of reciprocity and how it plays an important role for authentic connections in our lives.