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Community Support for Families-Huron County

The Community Support for Families Program is administered by Community Living-Central Huron in collaboration with Community Living Wingham & District and Community Living-South Huron. Services that are provided by the program are comprehensive, flexible and promote an inclusive philosophy.

The Staff of the Community Support for Families Program will:

  • Complete application forms for the Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities Benefit and Special Services at Home benefits (as described below).
  • Examine what services and supports are currently involved and assist with referrals to other appropriate programs.
  • Develop creative solutions using unpaid and paid supports.
  • Seek out resources and training opportunities for families/caregivers and workers.
  • Case management as appropriate and as requested by the family/caregiver.

Community Support for Families-Huron County

Box 245, 58 Mary Street, Clinton, ON N0M 1L0
519.482.3557 |

Contact Sharon at 519.482.3557 ext. 208 for more information and/or to make a self-referral.

Special Services at Home Benefit (SSAH)

This is a Ministry of Children and Youth Services program that provides funding to purchase supports to assist children 0-17 years who have a developmental disability or physical disability who are being cared for by a parent or guardian.

The SSAH may provide funding for:

  • Parental relief
  • Personal development and growth
  • One-to-one support

Each family has a unique set of circumstances. Should you qualify and receive SSAH funding, further assistance is available to locate supports in your community.

Please contact the Community Support for Families office at 519 482-3557 for assistance to apply for Special Services at Home. A Special Services at Home application  can be downloaded from the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Website through the link below or applications are available at our office at 58 Mary St. in Clinton.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT Special Services at Home »

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities Benefit

This is an income based benefit program of the Ministries of Community and Social Services and Children and Youth Services to help families with extraordinary expenses related to their child's condition.

The ACSD benefit is available for children who:

  • Live at home
  • Are 17 or less years of age
  • Are diagnosed with having a condition causing a severe functional loss which affects ability to perform activities of normal daily living, such as walking, self-feeding, dressing, personal hygiene, communication etc.

The funding granted is a monthly entitlement which considers family size, family income, and total yearly extraordinary expenses related to the child’s condition. Once an application is approved, a family could receive between $25.00/month up to a maximum of $455.00 / month to assist in covering ongoing extraordinary expenses.

Additional benefits upon approval include:

  • Drug Card-covers the cost of most prescriptions, but not their dispensing fees
  • Dental Card-covers the cost of basic dental care
  • Eyeglasses and hearing aids-prior approval is required.

Click here to view the Online Application for Social Assistance. If you are interested in applying and live in Huron County, please contact us at Community Support for Families Program, (519) 482-3557.

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Family Support Work

Family Support Workers will assist families:

  • to research, access and advocate for services;
  • to identify a variety of goals and plans for their child;
  • with referrals to other services, resources, and natural support in their community;
  • with planning and information fo rtransition to adult services such as services provided by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).


A parent or guardian whose child is under the age of 18 and has a disability.

Self Employed Contract Workers

Community Support for Families Program provides a link between independent, self-employed contract workers and families. This is done by conducting an intial screening process and assiting families in a selection process.

In partnership with families, CSFF Program will:

  • Assist families to develop a support plan for their son or daughter.
  • Provide resumes and reference checks for families in search of potential contract workers.
  • Answer questions the family has about hiring contract workers.
  • Once a successful screening process has been completed, your profile will be shared with families who require support or Respite services.
  • Provide a draft service agreement on behalf of the family between the contract worker and the family, which outlines services and supports.

Families will:

  • Select contract workers.
  • Communicate support requirements and important issues to contract worker and CSFF Program facilitator.
  • Provide regular supervision to contract worker and monitor progress on goals.
  • Verify and sign invoices and agreements.
  • Track hours and use of funds; families will be responsible for payment to workers directly should a worker use more than the authorized amount.

Contract workers also have responsibilities in the agreement. They will:

  • Provide supports, including transportation, as directed by the family, in accordance with the signed agreement.
  • Provide written quarterly reports to the parent or guardian and submit such to the CSFF Program office as needed.
  • Considered self-employed for purposes of Canada Revenue Agency etc.
  • Advise their insurance company if they transporting people to ensure appropriate coverage.
  • Maintain confidentiality, unless abuse is suspected.

Suggestions of sample invoices used by families:

Sample Invoice 1

Sample Invoice 2

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Autism Services (Ontario Autism Program)

Thames Valley Children's Centre (TVCC)

Call 1-866-590-8822 (toll free) and press 1.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT Thames Valley Children's Centre's website.

Teen Talk

Teen Talk is a training program offered to youth ages 11-14 who have Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. This program focuses on social skills and social boundaries. There is no cost to participate but you must pre-register. Contact Natalie at 519-524-7362 for more information.

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