The Snoezelen Room

PageSubHeading: Let your senses excite you in the Snoezelen Room!

Snoezelen was originally developed in Holland as a means of providing appropriate relaxation and leisure opportunities to individuals with sensory and learning disabilities; however, it is an experience to be enjoyed by everyone. Snoezelen provides a full range of enjoyable sensory stimulation in an atmosphere of trust and relaxation. In a safe, comfortable environment, the primary senses are awakened by combinations of music, light effects, gentle vibrations and tactile sensations. Individuals can enjoy the environment at their own pace and select their own activities, free from expectations of others.

Our Snoezelen Room is available during regular office hours as well as evenings and weekends. A nominal fee of $2.00 per visit is charged. To book an appointment or to have a tour of the Room, please contact our Central Administration Office at (519) 524-7362.

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