Policies & Procedures

Table of Contents

» A-001 Vision, Mission and Service Principles

» A-002 Guiding Principles

» A-003 Confidentiality

» A-004 Privacy

» B-001 Interpretation

» B-002 Press and Media Releases

» B-003 Moved to C-017 

» B-004 Community Involvement

» B-005 Tender

» B-006 Social Media and Agency Equipment Usage

» B-007 Volunteer

» B-008 Purchasing and Credit Policy

» B-009 Accessibility Policy

» B-010 Duty of Care Policy

» B-011 Code of Conduct

» B-012 Investment Policy

» C-001 Individual Welfare/Rights

» C-002 Behavioural Support

» C-003 Complaint/Feedback Policy

» C-003 Complaint/Feedback Form

» C-003 Survey for People Supported

» C-004 Abuse Policy - Prevention, Reporting and Managing 

» C-005 Use of Physical Restraints Policy

» C-006 Serious Occurrence

» C-007 Communication Policy

» C-008 Finances of People Supported

» C-009 Individual Support Policy For Persons Receiving Service

» C-010 Pet Ownership, Visiting Pets and Service Animals

» C-011 Orientation and People Supported 

» C-012 Medical Care for Persons Supported Policy

» C-013 Inventory, Personal Belongings of Persons Supported

» C-014 Bathing and Showering Supervision of Persons Supported Policy

» C-015 Persons Supported Food and Nutrition Policy  

» C-016 Missing Person/Unknown Whereabouts Policy

» C-017 Relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies  

» Health & Safety Policy Statement

» D-001 Health and Safety Policy Statement

» D-002 Medication Policy Statement 

» D-003 Emergency

» D-004 Smoking

» D-005 Dangerous Weapons and Fire Arms (Deleted)

» D-006 Critical Injury

» D-007 Bullying, Harassment and Workplace Violence Policy and Procedures

» D-008 Pandemic Policy

» D-009 Preventative Maintenance Policy

» D-010 Musculoskeletal Disorders Awareness Policy

» D-011 First Aid Policy and Procedures     

» D-012 Working Alone Policy

» D-013 Infection Control Policy and Procedures

» D-014 Hazard/Risk Policy and Procedures

» D-015 Health and Safety Orientation Policy

» D-016 Location Health and Safety Representatives Policy

» D-016 Supervisor's Workplace Inspection Report Page 1

» D-016 Supervisor's Workplace Inspection Report Page 2

» D-016 Location Health and Safety Represetative - Monthly Workplace Inspection Report

» D-017 Ladder Safety Policy and Procedures 

» D-018 Sharps Policy and Procedures

» D-019 Manual Handling Policy

» D-020 Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Policy

» D-021 Workplace Inspection Policy

» D-022 Work Refusal Policy

» D-023 Lifts, Transfers and Physical Assistance Policy

» D-024 Incident/Accident Investigation Policy

» D-025 Independent Contractor Policy & Procedures

» D-026 Mask or Face Covering Policy

» D-027 COVID-19 - Protection Program and Policy

» D-028 Vaccination Policy

» D-029 Respiratory Protection Program and Policy

» E-001 General Policy No. 2

» E-002 Hiring Policy

» E-003 Police Record Check, Vulnerable Sector Check Policy

» E-004 Employee Records Policy

» E-005 Orientation Policy - Employees, Volunteers and Student Placements 

» E-006 Professional Development/Training Policy (Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Internal Training)

» E-007 Individual Consultation

» E-008 Employee Performance Appraisal

» E-009 Vehicle Use

» E-009 Vehicle Incident Report Van

» E-009 Vehicle Incident Report Truck

» E-009 Workplace Hazard & Suggestion Report

» E-009 Monthly Health & Safety First Aid Checklist

» E-009 Vehicle Inspection Report

» E-009 Winter Survival Kit Checklist

» E-010 Personal Property Damage Reimbursement

» E-011 Employee Performance Standards Policy

» E-012 Disciplinary Policy

» E-013 Sexual Harassment

» E-014 Work References

» E-015 Retirement

» E-016 Early and Safe Return to Work

» E-016 RTW-00 Employee Incident Report

» E-016 RTW-01 Employee Incident/Accident Investigation Form

» E-016 RTW-02 Modified/Graduated Return To Work Plan

» E-016 RTW-03 Individulized Return To Work Plan - Progress Report

» E-016 RTW-04 Modified Duties/Schedule

» E-016 RTW-05 Medical Release

» E-016 RTW-06 Employee Return To Work Form

» E-016 RTW-07 Return To Work Survey

» E-017 Benefit Plans

» E-018 Record Retention and Archives

» E-019 Staff Recognition

» E-020 Volunteer Recognition

» E-021 Exit Interview Policy

» E-021 Exit Interview Form

» E-022 Working From Home Policy  

» E-023 Employee Referral Program Policy

» E-023 Employee Referral Program Form

» Medication Policy and Procedures Manual - October 2019